Bush Camping

Enjoy camping in bushes with Parrot Safaris. Parrot bush camp is 12Km from the main gate of lake Manyara national park.

Below are activities Which are offered while in the bush camping:

  • Walking tour through Rift valley escapement
  • Maasai cultural tour.(Maasai medicinal,maasai dance,maasai boma)
  • Inter-cultural education (Maasai learn English and volunteers learns Maasai),
  • Donkey Safari to Lake Natron.

Maasai teaching a tourist Maasai Language in bush camping

We also have some attractions near our Camp e.g

  • Rift valley
  • Lake Manyara
  • Oldonyo Lengai as the still active volcano and Maasai sacred mountain,
  • Maasai community as our neighbors,
  • During wet season we are visited by some large mammals like Elephants, Buffalo, giraffe etc.(Though some are residents)
  • Different birds species including the brown parrot, and Go-away birds.
  • Different wild trees and some are medicinal to the Maasai e.g Acacia mellifera and Balinites egyptiaca.