Welcome to the website of Parrot Tours & Safaris Ltd, We specialize in Tanzania safari travel. In Our opinion, Tanzania is the greatest safari destination on earth. The interest of our clients in the natural realm takes them to the depths of the Pemba channel, dividing with huge manta rays, chimpanzee trekking in the rainforests of western Tanzania and lion tracking in the Serengeti during the great wildebeest migration.

We are registered tour company with many years of experience in this industry. You may view our Registration certificate here

We love Africa, and we love what we do.


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It's so quiet out there, a safari is the best escape from everyday life you can think of. This year it was already my 5th visit to Tanzania, Sophia with Parrot Tours & Safaris always check out the best lodges and drivers.
Doris Beck, Liechtenstein
Tanzania was my first stay in Africa, thanks to Parrot Safaris I could experience different parts of the country and the landscape. The direct contact with the people was really touching.
Monika Frick, Liechtenstein
We were lucky to be at the right time in Tanzania, so we saw many lion families with their cute babies playing around. Finally the coast line at Lake Eyasi is the place to be for me.
Rebecca Bolter, Austria
Face-to-face with relaxed animals in a wide open landscape – that's a unique experience I only can recommend to everybody. Tarangire National Park is a true paradise.
Christian Hansen, Austria
Much more animals than we saw in Namibia – it's so impressive. We also enjoyed the superior driving of our guide in Ngorongoro National Park.
Maria & Hubert Büchel, Liechtenstein

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